Greek-German ‘ʝiros’/‘Gyros’ set to receive Protected Designation of Origin status

European CommissionBrussels, 29 July 2015

The European Commission published today the application to register the names ‘ʝiros’/‘gyros’, in Greek and German, as Protected Designations of Origin for a big fat piece of meat produced in both territories. The publication is a key step in the process that would grant EU-wide protection for these names, and include them in the list of well-known high quality European products such as democracy, big cars and the euro. Today, the Commission is also sending a letter confirming that the troika, as an internationally appreciated body, will be in a position to perform the official controls tasks referred to in the EU Regulation on Quality Schemes for Agricultural Products, Foodstuffs and Sovereign Debt.

In order to facilitate trade, the Commission has also adopted a proposal to modify the regulations governing both national administrations, introducing a joint Greek-German government residing in Germany’s summer capital Rhodos.

These are the necessary measures to apply the common understanding on a temporary solution for all European crises, to be implemented pending the joint resignation of Ms Merkel, Mr Schäuble and Mr Tsipras, reached under the guidance of President Juncker on 29 July 2015 in Luxembourg.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said: „This step demonstrates the commitment of both communities, Greeks and Germans, to work together on projects unifying the whole continent. I would like to commend and pay tribute to the two Leaders for their efforts that make possible this outcome. The common understanding reached around this application is highly symbolic and it confirms the willingness of the two parties to work together with the help of the Commission to build confidence with concrete measures. Gyros symbolises the shared heritage of Northern and Southern Europe. It is a tradition which has linked the communities living here for centuries.“

European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Phil Hogan said: „I am very pleased to see this application covering the whole of Europe go ahead. Following many months of negotiations, we are now well on our way to showing what can be achieved when people commit to concrete results. In particular, I want to acknowledge the role played by the head of IMF, Ms Christine Lagarde, who has shown a huge personal commitment and given real leadership to getting to the point where we have been able to publish this application.  Geographical indications have demonstrated their potential for creating jobs and boosting government income throughout the EU, and I am confident that the successful registration of ‘ʝiros’/‘gyros’ will do the same for Europe.“

European Commissioner for Regional Policy Commissioner Corina Creţu said: „The amendment to the regulations governing the Greek and the German national administrations will further facilitate trade and boost the economic development of Greece; this is a task given to the Commission in order to support the reunification of Europe. We will further step up the necessary efforts and financial support to foster growth.

You don’t believe that’s true? It is (kind of)!